Woodlands Homestead Jitarning it has been well worth the move for our commitment to alpacas, angora goats and ourselves. We have now been here 5+ years and it has proven to be a wonderful Country / Retirement change.








We now have a large selection of alpacas
(females, potential stud males, wethers and fox herd guards)
for sale so contact us for information or even just a chat.

Be the first to choose from this large selection of Alpacas and get a bargain.
White, Fawns and Browns all registered $440 each and for an extra $110 we will throw in an extra older female.
We also have 2 stud males for Sale at $1100 each.
Prices can be negotiated on packages.

Contact Sandy on 0407 429 391 / 9888 6165
Email burnsyde@burnsydealpacas.com.au