Woodlands Homestead Jitarning it has been well worth the move for our commitment to alpacas, angora goats and ourselves. We have now been here 5+ years and it has proven to be a wonderful Country / Retirement change.








Frustrated by the traditional haynet?

Filling haynets single-handed can be frustrating and time consuming, but now help is at hand.

Light but durable, the Hayball's clever design allows hay to be pushed through the flexible bars and filled in seconds,
while its suspended spinning action provides entertainment for alpaca and horses etc.

The Hayball is safe and the curved bars made from flexible PVC will release under pressure.

* Quick and easy to fill * Safe * Durable *
* Light * Entertaining *

Cost for this durable item is only A$45.00 plus GST & postage and handling to anywhere in Australia.

If you would like to order or have any questions please hone us on 9888 6165 / 0407 429 391 / 0403 536 066 or send us an e-mail


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