Sarah Veal (Bray) & Thomas Veal
Arrived Hopetoun 9 June 1900



 Sarah Veal
Photo taken 1920's to 1930's

Born: 1864
By Rev Cox 24 December 1888
Arrived Hopetoun 9 June 1900
Died 3 July 1951

 Thomas Veal
Photo taken 1920's to 1930's

Born: 28 February 1864
By Rev Cox 24 December 1888
Arrived Hopetoun 9 June 1900
Died 23 October 1949



 Shops in Veal St 1917

Sarah Veal nursing Sylvia with Bertha Parsons. In the garden of Grandma's middle house in Hopetoun



 Malcolm & Stan Knox 1926

 Hilda Bertha Parsons with Sarah Kathleen Sylvia Myrtle Parsons in her Christening Robe 1926



 The farm 20 miles from Hopetoun George Parsons, Leeper Son, Mr Leeper, Bertha Parsons, in pram Sylvia Parsons
Dec 1927

 Sylvia in go-cart on the jetty in Hopetoun. The "Kybra" is coming into the jetty.



 Sarah Veal (with white veil) & Mrs Reynolds fishing on jetty at Hopetoun

View to the Barrons Hopetoun.



 View from hotel balcony at Hopetoun.

 Sylvia & friends on beach at Hopetoun



 Bertha Parsons near the jetty in Hopetoun
 Train travelling along the jetty in Hopetoun. View from hotel balcony.



 Hopetoun Jetty

 Hopetoun Jetty



 Railway Station at Hopetoun

 Group at tennis court at Hopetoun



Hopetoun Tennis Court 

Hopetoun Tennis Court 



 Grandma (Sarah Veal),
Sylvia Parsons (5.5 years old),
Harold Knox (18 months old)
July 1931

 Jean Gibson

 Mrs Tillbrook & her son,Mrs Veal, Mrs Alec Stevens, Miss Hearl, Mr Neilson, Mr ???, Mrs Tillbrook with her son & daughter, Mrs Hearl & grandchild, Sylvia & her Ivy doll, Bertha Parsons & Mrs Nielson
January 1932

A party for Sylvia in Hopetoun.
The dark girl taught Sylvia to sew & she still has the gold hairclip the girl gave her, & it still works (2-1-92)

Who? Date?

Left to Right Stan Knox, Sylvia Parsons, Malcolm & Harold Knox in Hopetoun


Sylvia beside the Post Office in Hopetoun

L to R Vera Sentenella, Thomas Veal, ? ? ?, Stan Knox, Sylvia Parsons, ?, Knox, ?, Thelma Sentenella teacher.

Barrons Mail truck just before leaving for Ravensthorpe. Mr Reynolds, Oliver Knox, Thos Veal, Shirley Rickey, Jack Barron, ??, ??, ?? ,Ron Knox, Myrtle Knox, Ivor Goodall, Sylvia Parsons, Joy Daniels.

Malcolm going to war 1940. Tom Veal, Bertha Parsons, Shirley Rickey, SarahVeal, Malcolm Knox, Ron Knox, Myrtle Knox, Harold Knox, Oliver Knox, Tom Knox. Taken in front of PO at Hopetoun.


Port Hotel Hopetoun 1930's to 1940's

Sylvia Parsons on the Hopetoun Jetty


 Easter 1941 - Violet Rhodes (now Sugg), Thora Tolman, Sylvia Parsons
On end of jetty at Hopetoun

 Sylvia Parsons, Barbara Atkins, Ron Mc Phee, Enid Pickernill, Jack ---, Jack Roberts on the beach at Hopetoun on Boxing Day 1941


 'The Bottom House' - Grandma Veal's house which was always let.
Early 1940's

 Hopetoun Post Office
Early 1940's

Last of the railway engines to leave by Barron's Truck. At Hopetoun

Sarah & Thomas Veal

Ron Oliver & Harold at Post Office - Hopetoun

Bertha Parsons, Thomas & Sarah Veal, Harold Knox, Sylvia Parsons,
Front L to R: Oliver and Ron Knox

Thomas Veal, Sarah Veal.
60th Wedding Aniversary Greenhills.
25 December 1948

Myrtle Knox, Sylvia Parsons, Thomas Veal, Jack Buckman, Sarah Veal, Hannah Buckman, Bertha Parsons. 60th Wedding Aniversary Greenhills.
25 December 1948
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