Woodlands Homestead Jitarning it has been well worth the move for our commitment to alpacas, angora goats and ourselves. We have now been here 5+ years and it has proven to be a wonderful Country / Retirement change.








Our Certified Stud Males for Your Use


We now have 11 stud males to choose from

Ambersun Winchester (White)

Tregarra Tuscan Desert (Light Fawn)
For Sale $1100

Windsong Valley Tapani (Light Fawn)

Burnsyde Wildfire (Medium Fawn)
For Sale $1100

Burnsyde Hone (Light Brown)

Burnsyde Cochise (Medium Brown)

Burnsyde Carlton (Bay Black)

Burnsyde Mr Magoo (Bay Black)

Burnsyde Lexus (Roan)

Windsong Valley Owen> (Medium Grey)

Burnsyde Desert Storm (Medium Grey)